Debate about the impact and consequences of LIBRA
Hack the Electron 2019
Innovation Day at Porto Business School
Marketing Congress of APPM - Associação Portuguesa dos Profissionais de Marketing
Masterclass at Porto Business School
Masterclass at Porto Business School
Talk at Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto
"É a vida, Alvim", Canal Q
Debating about Leadership and Governance
At Oliva Creative Factory
UCITYLAB kickoff meeting
At Porto Design Factory
Presentations at DFK, during the International Design Factory Week
Speaking at Aalto University
Speaking at IAPMEI
Talk at ERT Porto, at Casa Andresen
Talking about Innovation for Bondalti's leadership
Vertex, Porto Business School's annual Conference
With Rosario Gamboa and Jonathan Hill at NYC DESIGN FACTORY inauguration
With Rosario Gamboa and Luis Reis, at SONAE Corporate Center